Publishing Consultant

Publishing and writing is easier with an expert to provide you with advice. Let me explain how to be a publisher to you, or your group. With over 20 years of publishing expertise I have put in my 10,000 hours at least twice by now. Publishing can be hard and it can be isolating. You spend all your time talking with writers, with editors, with stores, with anyone but other publishers. I’m happy to be a speaker for a writing conference, or one-on-one.

Perhaps you want to be a writer? I can consult you on that as well. I am the author of seven books. I have been a writer-in-residence, received several writing grants, and followed through on lots of promotions and projects. I welcome the chance to visit and speak at writing conferences, at schools, writing programs, publishing events, or simply with one or two people.

I have met with many individuals, performed keynote talks at writing conferences, led writing workshops, traveled to writing conventions to speak on publishing, to do book pitches. If you’re a publisher already and find it challenging, let’s talk.

Rates vary depending on events.